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Family Feedback

Nikita P.

We loved how communicative Puget Sound Placenta was and experienced with different complications of the placenta at birth. We had a good amount of pills provided and it was fast and a quick turnaround! They were thorough and careful and absolutely wonderful to work with! Highly recommend them!

Melissa M.

“You came recommended by a friend and once I decided to move forward with placenta encapsulation, your professional website and responsiveness sold me on it. What stood out most was how good I felt post-partum! I just felt more like myself and much more balanced than after my two previous babies. I had the energy and positive outlook to enjoy the newborn stage and the changes in our family.” 

Marin Y.

“I’m recovering pretty well and haven’t experienced any negative side of postpartum yet so far. I was over 35 pregnancy and decided to do whatever works and I think taking placenta is one of factors of a smooth recovery. 

Erin D.

“I didn’t expect to feel any effects but I was surprised by how good I felt. I had anxiety and depression early in my pregnancy and was worried about post partum anxiety or depression, but I felt blissful and at peace. I was sad when my pills ran out! The pickup and delivery were faster than I expected and I loved the extras like the dried cord heart, the placenta print and the photos. Also the reusable tote bag and pen were a nice touch.” 

Jessica S.

“The cost was absolutely more than worth it. Not sure if it was the PE or the natural delivery, but this postpartum experience was so much better than my first. The pills worked right away and anytime I began to feel blue or down, I would take them and would feel better basically within the hour. It was amazing. The same with milk production, anytime I need extra, I would take two and just full in a few
hours hours. 
The results seemed almost instantaneous at time! I had more milk and MUCH better mood. Barely any intrusive thoughts which really were difficult from my first birth.”

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Heidi H.

“I found the placenta encapsulation to be a very valuable investment. I would definitely do it again.
I barely bled, I did not experience the baby blues, I felt balanced, I had a decent amount of energy, and
everything healed fast (I did not even experience any pain from my small tears that were stitched). I attribute how smoothly my postpartum period went to the placenta capsules! I am so thankful I
discovered this as an option and decided to go through with it!
You are very passionate, know what you
are talking about, friendly, and very quick to answer any emails. I loved the super fast turnaround. The packaging was beautiful. I am putting the dried cord and the empty placenta bottle in a shadowbox with some other mementos to treasure forever!”

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Lillian E.

“Baby blues were very minimal. Also was wondering if people donate placentas or a future program if
people want to buy more pills after they run out and notice they feel so much better with them. Did I find the cost worth it? Heck yes!! Also the print is so beautiful!”

Ashley A.

“Placenta encapsulation was worth every penny. I chose to have my placenta encapsulated in hopes
I’d have an easier recovery postpartum. I had a difficult delivery but felt fantastic a few days afterwards. I had minimal bleeding, never felt anxious or emotional, slept well, and have had a
surprising amount of energy. Doctors, friends and family couldn’t believe how fast I recovered. I feel great!”

Robbin T.

“Personally, I really think they helped my energy level – particularly during those first few completely
sleepless weeks, when you feel pretty ragged – I think Dad would agree. Also, I think they really helped
regulate the postpartum hormonal roller coaster – again, ask Dad! Emily arrived at the hospital mere
hours after the birth! It was great to have the placenta picked up, “processed”, and delivered without
our needing to worry about logistics – we had (and still have) our hands full with a newborn baby!”




And still counting!

Megan D.

“I know it helped, but since this was my first baby don’t have anything to compare it to. I was expecting a lot of moodiness and hormonal ups and downs, that did not really experienced anything unusual postpartum. Sure I had high emotions, but nothing so abnormal that anyone was concerned. I feel my recovery was quick, I rested a lot and took care of myself and feel my recovery was faster than what other friends have experienced. Overall I feel is right to put the nutrients that my body spent time dedicating to the placenta back into my body.”

Andrea T.

“Emily was amazing, she came to the hospital right away, and had my pills ready the next day! So fast, so friendly, so professional, it really was amazing!”

Pheobe L.

“I found Puget Sound Placenta when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. Everybody I worked with was expecting babies or new mothers. When I told them about all the FANTASTIC benefits I had from my placenta, they all wished they had a chance to do it. And some even did! You are absolutely AMAZING! I doubt my supply would have lasted so well throughout my baby’s NICU stay if it hadn’t been for your services. I only bled PP for a week and a half, I was so energetic people asked me was I sure I had a c-section three days before. I healed and was off my pain medicines by two weeks PP. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

Nise M.

“Worth every dollar to feel better and avoid ppd that I experienced with my first born (without the
placenta pills). Would do it for all future births. My mood was so different this time, I was able to enjoy
my newborn and not feel over tired and anxious.”

Amanda M.

“The cost was well worth it. I didn’t experience the severe postpartum depression/anxiety that I did with my first. I researched for months prior to getting pregnant and after. I felt Puget Sound Placenta was knowledgeable and safe. Such an easy process and very quick. Even after I received my pills when I emailed with questions I received responses very quickly.”

Kirsten C.

“They made me feel amazing both times like I was supper women happy full of energy ready to take on
anything. I could absolutely tell if I forgot to take only once or twice did that happen but when it did I
had less energy and overall feeling of less balance. I’m a new mom to two under 2 and the pills made
me feel like it was a walk in the park no tears no stress no overly tired just tons of happy energy. The
cost was 1000% percent worth it.”

JoAnne P.

“This was my third child but my first time trying placenta encapsulation. I had a lot of weepiness and
anxiety post-partum with my first two babies but I felt much more stable this time and my energy felt
really good. I won’t be having any more children but if I did I would do this again. I will certainly
recommend it to friends.”

Sara S.

“What stands out most about your service was the quick turnaround, very responsive to emails, friendly, offering to bring the pills to me in the hospital. I think the cost was worth it. I had several major complications with my delivery and feel the placenta pills greatly helped with my recovery.”

Christy S.

“I feel that placenta encapsulation helped me to stabilize my mood and heal more quickly from my baby’s birth. I definitely feel the cost is worth it. After the first two weeks I was on my own caring for my toddler and newborn and needed to have energy to do so. Emily’s service was fast and professional. She was able to pick up my placenta and return it to me quickly. Even the presentation of my placenta pills was professional.”

Ashley N.

“Taking my placenta pills helped my milk come in much quicker than I expected and helped me to feel more normal even with the major hormone crash that happens normally after delivery. Emily far surpassed my expectations by picking up my placenta 2 days after christmas and delivering the next day to my house.! Amazing follow up checking in on me every few months will defiantly make me a repeat customer for baby #2. The fact of my milk coming in within 3 days and my daughter not losing more than 3% of her birthweight made my transition into motherhood a little less stressful. As you can tell i feel the cost was well worth its weight in gold…liquid gold that is.”

Allyson M.

“I struggle with anxiety and depression and felt I had the potential for a scary postpartum situation. I believe that it helped balance me out and taper off the hormones. Also I was worried about having enough milk and I had plenty! I was referred to PSP by my midwives and wasn’t disappointed. The service and turn around was fast.. I never had to leave my house they picked the placenta up promptly and quickly returned the capsules with detailed information on how to use them and the benefits.”

Nadia D.

“I asked around and was told that Emily at Puget Sound Placenta was the best. It’s an experience I won’t forget. By the second day postpartum, I could tell that my mood was starting to drop. I felt more prone to tears, more vulnerable, and more anxious, like PMS x 10. Emily brought me the pills and I took my first dose with dinner that night. Within a couple hours, I was feeling lighter, happier, and more clear headed. I told my husband, “I really think these pills are helping!”. I was surprised to feel an improvement so quickly. Over the next several days, I would notice that if it had been half a day or more since I’d taken the pills, I would start to feel more tired and extra emotional. I was diligent, then, to stay consistent with my doses. It was like a lifeline that I held onto and I’m convinced it saved me from ever truly suffering from the baby blues.”

Kristin C.

“They made me feel amazing both times like I was supper women happy full of energy ready to take on anything. I could absolutely tell if I forgot to take only once or twice did that happen but when it did I had less energy and overall feeling of less balance.”

Anna F. 

“I chose Puget Sound Placenta because of how meticulous and sanitary Emily ran her business. She came across as being very professional, and as someone who takes her work seriously.”

Jessica S.

“Working with the Puget Sound Placenta team was a great experience. They were professional and knowledgeable in all areas, and very timely. I will definitely be using Puget Sound Placenta for all my subsequent encapsulation needs. I highly recommend the services.”

Caige M.

“I noticed my energy would increase after I took my pills, which came in handy with a newborn and a toddler. When I noticed a dip in my milk supply, I took my pills and it would increase. Those two side effects alone made it completely worth it. You were very thorough in explaining the pills to me and very kind.”

Elizabeth M.

“Lots and lots of milk. I had no problem breastfeeding. I also healed very quickly and had no post partum depression. I like the fact that it was done so discreetly from my hospital room, no one noticed and I didn’t have to explain that my placenta was being encapsulated.”

Jill B.

“I’ve told my pregnant friends that if they choose to do one thing for themselves postpartum, it should be placenta encapsulation. I attribute my healing, positive mental health state, energy levels, milk
production, and general good mood to taking the pills. Within an hour after taking the first dose, I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt and had energy for the first time prior to labor. I also feel like if you end up having issues with milk supply, postpartum depression, or healing, you’ll end up
spending well over the amount of the pills to seek treatment. Why not just be proactive and do something good for yourself instead of damage control? I had decided to encapsulate my placenta because I felt like I was at high risk for postpartum depression. I’m now 4 weeks postpartum and feel amazing – both mentally and physically! I absolutely attribute my well being to the pills and look
forward to taking them every day to get me moving and energize me. I also noticed that the day after I took the pills for the first time, I started to heal really quickly and I bled for less than 2 weeks! I have
nothing but amazing things to say about the whole process and Puget Sound Placenta."

Naomi D.

“I was in a position where I returned to work just 2 weeks after having my baby, and with a history of
depression I knew I would need a plan. The nourishment my body received and the hormonal balancing affect from the pills made my going back to work much easier. I accidentally went a day
without taking them and could feel the difference in my mood. It was definitely worth it. For me they really did help with depression and energy. This was my 4th baby/5th pregnancy in 6 years. My body is tired and depleted. Re-introducing those vitamins and hormones from my own body definitely helped
to balance me out during the postpartum period.”

Jackie W.

“After I took my pills, within 20 minutes, I felt like my mood was elevated and I started to really notice my mood declining again if I hadn’t taken them when I was supposed to. I loved that when I had questions about the effects of the pills, Emily responded to my email promptly and with many details that really helped put my mind at ease. It made me feel like she cared about me after she had already encapsulated my placenta.”

Chia-Tien M.

“The biggest difference between my last postpartum recovery period and my last two was my mood and energy level. I definitely felt less depressed and sad and with enough energy to feel like myself and enjoy my newborn and my other two kids. I would definitely do it again if my husband and I decide to have another baby. It was totally worth the money.”

Lisanna S.

“I lost a lot of blood at this birth, about 1100 ccs. From my previous birth I knew there was a chance of significant blood loss, and so it was important that I find something to help my recovery. I felt that taking the placenta pills really helped restore a sense of normalcy, by replacing some lost iron. I also noticed a significant increase in milk supply. My baby’s weight gain may not be related to the increased supply from the pills, but she gained 3 lbs in her first month! More than with my first child, though I suppose experience helped! Regardless, I was impressed.  The cost was absolutely worth it. It helped my recovery a great deal, in ways that nothing else really could.”

Chayse H.

This was my first baby so I have nothing else to compare it to but my transition into motherhood has been easier than I expected. My bleeding significantly slowed after the first week and I barely had the baby blues. Our pediatrician was shocked when baby was back up to birth weight at our first
appointment and asked me what I was doing; I’d like to think it was my placenta! We were out of the house running errands on day 3 or 4. He turned 6 weeks yesterday and we’ve already been on two
overnight vacations and a pretty big hike. Will be coming back to Puget Sound Placenta with every baby
we have.”

Lindsey B.

“I chose Puget Sound Placenta because I wanted a trusted company that followed correct sanitary and preparation procedures. It was absolutely worth the price! The way I felt bright after was worth every penny.”

Cassandra T.

“I was definitely more emotionally balanced in the immediate postpartum period this time around than with my first baby! My physical healing was much faster than expected and I had more energy in the first few weeks than with my first.”

Elizabeth A.

“I think the cost of encapsulation was so worth the benefits I experienced. Compared to many other
moms I healed faster and felt great. I chose Puget Sound Placenta because they seemed very caring and nurturing to the needs of the people they were doing services for. They were helpful and responded quickly when I had questions and made the experience very easy and stress free. I think the fast turn around and support that came with doing this was great. I knew if I had questions our concerns they were going to be heard and met.” 
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